I love to share and teach. A concept that is understood, a way of seeing that is mastered, a skillset that is honed – working with students energizes me. I take pride in classes and weekend workshops that are good fun and packed with value.



Oliver delivers a depth of skills in a way that can be grasped and immediately applied.  I’ve taken many art classes over the years and I find his approach to be solid, engaging and fun.
Susan, California

“Toller Kurs! Du erklärst wirklich gut und sehr ausführlich und hast endlos Geduld ;-))”.
Petra, Deutschland

“When I look at my sketches I was doing before this workshop and what I am now doing after all the tools you taught us, I can see a distinct difference. Keep me on your email list for future workshops, I’m in!”
Heather, USA

Past workshop locations have included SAN FRANCISCO, BOSTON, VANCOUVER, LONDON, VIENNA, GERMANY etc…
If you are interested in a workshop in your city, please get in touch ([email protected]). Organization happens on a rolling basis. Some courses are also held online.


> VON NULL ZUM SKETCHER < und anderes.

Ab Frühling geht’s zum Sketchen auch in Wien wieder nach draußen. Workshops zu verschiedenen Themen und eine Kleingruppe mit mehr individueller Betreuung sind in Vorbereitung.

Interesse? Anmeldung und weitere Informationen: 
[email protected]


Oslo (Norway): September 9/10 2023

Join me for this is official USK workshop.
Registration is OPEN now ! Find more details and register  HERE.


International workshops: OVERVIEW

April 27/28: Marseille/France (english)
May 19/20: Eckernförde/Germany (german)
May 25/26: Eutin/Germany (german)
June 7-9: Hvar/Croatia (english)
June 29/30: Boston/USA (english)
July 8-12: Madeline Island/USA (english)
July 19-21: Sketcherfest Edmonds/USA (english)
July 25-27: Chico/USA (english)
August 3/4: San Francisco/USA (english)
October 8-12: Buenos Aires/Argentina (english)

International workshops: DETAILS

Marseille (France): April 27-28 2024

Registration is OPEN ! send me an email ([email protected]). 

Eckernförde (Deutschland): Mai 18-19, 2024

Anmeldung per email an Oliver. ([email protected]). Kurs wird auf Deutsch abgehalten.

Eutin (Deutschland): Mai 25-26, 2024

Anmeldung per email an Oliver. ([email protected]). Kurs wird auf Deutsch abgehalten.

Boston (USA): June 29-30, 2024

Expression of interest per email ([email protected]).
PRE-REGISTRATION PHASE – is there enough interest to follow through? Let me know!

Madeline Island Art School (Wisconsin, USA): July 8-12 2024

This workshop offers a week with four instructors: Jane Blundell, Eduardo Bajzek, Nina Johansson and myself!

Registration is OPEN now ! Find more details and register HERE.

Chico (USA): July 25-27, 2024

Registration is OPEN now ! 
Join us for the full 3 days or a single day -> 3 DAY ticket HERE. Single Day ticket HERE

International Urban Sketching Symposium (Buenos Aires): October 9-12 2024

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