When I was 9 years old, I wanted to be a painter, a scientist and a pirate. I had a gallery in my bedroom and caught salamanders for my terrarium. I also always loved to travel.

Fast forward: I hold a PhD in life sciences from Cambridge University (UK), lived and did research in three countries and draw (almost) every day.

I discovered that my combination of skills, interests and background is unusual and valued – particularly by the life science crowd:

I understand your needs and language and I am able to communicate your often specialized research topics in an image of broad appeal to a wide audience.

I found that I like to observe people, their interactions with their environment and the freedom within the confinements of illustration. This forms the basis of most of the images and services I am offering here.

All of this ties in nicely with the growing field of Urban Sketching – a movement that advocates drawing on location. I am  happiest when I am out sketching  or teaching workshops in this context.

I live with my beautiful wife and 7 year old son and look forward to hearing from you,

Oliver Hoeller
[email protected]

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