Pack Your Sketches Full of Life!

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192 pages
> 230 illustrations
21x14.8 cm
hardcover; 3D embellished


high quality printed on recycled paper

> book starts shipping November 22nd <

In his new book, traveling artist and Urban Sketching instructor Oliver Hoeller shows you how to turn what you see on location into a sketch that brings you joy.

More than a pure copy of reality, Oliver's sketches share a personal point of view. His scenes often emphasizes an humorous aspect. How does he do it?

On 192 pages he now shares with you How to THINK, when you DRAW, what you SEE.

Every spread lays out tips, tricks and tools to help you Pack Your Sketches Full of Life and become the master of your sketch.

Learn to rearrange values and set a focus where YOU need it to be. Control color. Draw expressive people. Sketch reality to say what YOU want to say.

The 4 chapters are packed with useful information that is presented in easy to digest, bite sized chunks:

  • Chapter 1 deals with the drawing stage and analyzes the role of line and tonal values and how you can control them for our purposes.
  • Chapter 2 goes over (water) coloring strategies ranging from realistic to expressive. How can you choose colors that go well together when out and about? Browse through example of color coding, sketching with false colors as well as how to integrate watercolor's friends: e.g. colored pencils and markers.
  • Chapter 3 shows strategies for drawing expressive people. How do you combine feeling, knowing and seeing in a sketch of a person? Walk through examples and readily applicable details about the human body make it a good read with lots of value.
  • Chapter 4 lays out principles of how to rearrange reality for your needs. Learn how to mash objects together to say what you want to say in your sketch.

This book is for the sketcher who wants to marry their creativity with a toolbox of skills!
Oliver presents lots of examples and walk throughs that will make you itch to put your pen to paper straight away and help you get to the next level.

And for those who don't (yet) sketch themselves?
This book makes a great gift - fun to browse through and enjoy for the sketches.

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