Below is a list of current and upcoming workshops that I am teaching.

I teach a fearless approach to drawing - sometimes including a splash of watercolor - on location.  This allows you to capture life as it happens from your personal point of view. It is well suited for journaling and recording your impressions of people and places.

Take a look in the REPORTAGE section of my website for examples.

Unless mentioned otherwise classes are suited for everyone - beginner to advanced.

TRY Studio - Bay Area, USA:

I am teaching Reportage drawing (drawing life as it happens) tailor made to your needs in the Bay Area. This is an ongoing class, where we go on adventures! Check out the announcement and get in touch HERE.


How to build a strong sketch out of weak elements:

10 tools

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA.

 June 2nd; 12-3 pm; SOLD OUT!

June 16th; 12-3:30pm; register HERE

This class is part of 2018's Urban Sketchers 10x10 series where 10 instructors teach 10 classes all over the Bay Area! Find the whole program here.

Here is a short description of my workshop:
Often we see things that appeal to us—a lamp, a button, a watch—but we don’t sketch them because they may be a weak motif by themselves. In this workshop we will learn strategies to combine many weak elements into an interesting hodgepodge that tells the story of a place. We will practice this skill at the Asian Art Museum, where we assemble personal spreads out of the individual pieces on display. We will start outside to practice contour drawing and discuss 10 strategies to form a rich picture out of individual elements. Participants will then select from the tools presented and draw their own 2 spreads in the museum. Half way through, one-on one feedback will help to solidify the approaches. In the end we will add (water) color to the work and discuss our results.
(Ticket for the museum is not included in workshop fee.)


How to Draw Expressive Figures workshop;

Dolores Park, San Francisco, USA.

 August 19th; 1-5 pm; in preparation

If you would like to add people to your sketches but don’t know how, this workshop is for you!

We’ll explore how to draw quick expressive figures and portraits including a sense of location. We will learn to identify quickly what interests us in a figure and try to capture this essence with line. We will combine and assemble people into a scene and explore how to add focus. We will spend an afternoon packed with drawing, people watching, one-on one feedback and time to explore on your own.

At the end everyone will have sketched people and should feel confident in continuing their journey.

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