Below is a list of workshops that I  am teaching in the near future. Due to Covid-19 on location workshops are suspended until further notice.

If you'd like to hear about workshops early or you'd like me to come to your city for one, please get in touch by email:

I teach a fearless approach to drawing - sometimes including a splash of watercolor - on location. This allows you to capture life as it happens from your personal point of view. It is well suited for journaling and recording your impressions of people and places.

Take a look in the REPORTAGE section of my website for examples.

Unless mentioned otherwise classes are suited for everyone - beginner to advanced.

A 4 session LIVE online sketching workshop;
16 hours of class
+ video recorded classes
+ video recorded larger demo pieces
+ feedback in between classes:
400 USD/ 350 Euro

Registration: get in touch -